10 Lessons I Learned from Creating HubSpot Academy

1. Team Purpose

“To educate and inspire people, so that we together, transform the way the world does business.”

2. Team Principles

Execute with Excellence

Create a Consistent Learning Experience

Never Settle

Stay Weird

3. Team Operating System

“The Academy Operating System is the third part of our team’s core. It guides us in everything we do. It’s a resource we use to make sure we’re operating in a manner that’s aligned with our principles and our purpose. We use the operating system to teach others how to create education that’s informative, useful, and enjoyable to consume.

4. Hiring

5. Celebrate everything

“Each individual celebration strengthens the roots of a specific habit, but the accumulation of celebrations over time is what fertilizes the entire habit garden. By cultivating feelings of success and confidence, we make the soil more inviting and nourishing for all the other habit seeds we want to plant.”

Here’s me cheering on team member, Lindsay Thibeault, as she nears the end of the Boston Marathon. Finishing this race was a lifelong dream of hers.

6. Share or borrow resources

HubSpot Academy’s First Iteration: Instructor-Led Training

7. Abundance mindset > Scarcity mindset

8. Teaching Frameworks

9. Use frameworks from other disciplines

10. Learn to tell stories with data



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