10 MORE Lessons I Learned from Starting, Scaling & Marketing HubSpot Academy

To celebrate this milestone, here are ANOTHER 10 lessons I learned from starting, scaling, and marketing HubSpot Academy.

(FYI: I’ve shared my previous 10 lessons in a blog post linked here. )

11. Internal Communication

To build something transformational outside of the organization, you have to first build something transformational inside the organization.

12. Executive Sponsorship

Without our exec sponsor, HubSpot’s Former CEO Brian Halligan, HubSpot Academy wouldn’t be what it is today.

13. Project Management

A required skill if you want to take something from idea to launch.

15. Marketing

While you might wish it weren’t true, marketing matters.

16. Foster a community & celebrate learners

In my first ten lessons post, I said that our team celebrated everything.

17. Make mistakes of ambition

I made many mistakes, many of which still makes me cringe when I think about them.

18. Team Sub-Culture

While most organizations today prioritize company culture, the best team proactively creates its subculture.

HubSpot Academy Impromptu Human Pyramid on Halloween

19. Post-Course/Certification Surveys

One thing that I continually go back to is one question we asked after people completed our certifications, “What’s one thing we should do to improve our XYZ program?”

20. Build relationships with others internally

Solid relationships with others in varying departments are a great way to test ideas, get feedback, and sow the seeds of potential partnerships.



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Sarah Bedrick

Sarah Bedrick


Personal coach @ Thrive. Founded Compt & HubSpot Academy. Passionate about learning & sharing ideas so together we can reach our fullest potential.