7 Questions to Complete a “Year in Review”

#1 What were your top moments of 2021?

#2 What was your best day of 2021? What was your worst? And what does that tell you?

#3 How are you different from this time last year?

#4 Describe your 2021 in one sentence.

#5 What do you need to do, acknowledge, say, or let go of to feel complete for 2021?

#6 What’s your word for 2022? If you were to live by this word, what would be possible?

# 7 Imagine it’s Dec 31, 2022, & you just ended your best year yet.

What was present in your life? What did you experience or achieve? What were your most common emotions, top habits, etc.?



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Sarah Bedrick

Sarah Bedrick


Personal coach @ Thrive. Founded Compt & HubSpot Academy. Passionate about learning & sharing ideas so together we can reach our fullest potential.