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“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” — Albert Einstein

Part of understanding the problem is making sure you’re asking the right questions.

Unfortunately, we’re not taught in school how to ask ourselves better questions. Our natural inclination is to ask “why” questions like “why me” which send us into a downward spiral.

But when we change our questions, we change our lives.

By asking better quality questions, we gain better quality insights that can lead to powerful transformations.

Below are a series of…

How fast do these things biodegrade if left in the environment?

Vegetables? 5 days — 1 month
Paper? 2–5 months
Orange peels? 6 months
Tin cans? 50–100 years
Styrofoam cups? 500 years to forever
Plastic bags? 500 years to forever

500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever

When I stop for…

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to be going wrong? You spill your expensive coffee, get cut off in traffic, and the day just got worse from there.

Or maybe you experience feelings of frustration, anxiousness, overwhelm, self-doubt, regret, shame, and guilt on a more-than-you’d-like basis.

If yes, It’s likely due to the mindset you’re in right now.

First off, what is a mindset?

Oxford Dictionary describes mindset as:

“A set of attitudes or fixed ideas that somebody has and that are often difficult to change.”

From my experience, the ones of my clients, and many coaching clients worldwide, mindsets can…

If 2020 had a word of the year, I’m sure you could guess what it would be: “uncertainty.” In just two weeks, employees were forced to set-up their offices at their dining room tables, restructured operations, and built new products or processes to support the “interim normal” that we all deep-down knew would become the “new normal.”

After all, a lot of the changes which took place weren’t completely unexpected. With growing numbers of organizations going remote every year, a trend that could have taken 10-years to solidify happened in just two weeks. Struggling food and retail businesses were left…

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I’m not the best listener. I know it.

Often times I find myself going into problem-solving mode after hearing just a few sentences of a person’s problem.

Once I feel like I’ve heard enough to understand the situation, I will “yes” the person to get us to move on.

And sometimes, I find myself derailing a conversation when I get bored (but I think that could also be undiagnosed ADHD).

Another thing I know; I’m not alone.

In my coaching program, I learned that there are three levels of listening, and most people in most conversations don’t go past the…

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Take a moment and consider…

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Knowing what you know now about life, reflect on a few pieces of advice you’d give to your younger self.

I’m not talking about the “buy Apple and Amazon stock” kind of stuff, but the wisdom that you have about life that you simply didn’t have when you were younger.

Maybe it’s to trust your instinct. Or let things go. Or maybe it’s that you are enough.

So, what advice would you give?

Notice, you are not your past self.

And since you are different from…

Two years ago, I was in the middle of one of the seismic shifts of my life.

I realized through the help of my coach that throughout the journey of life, I picked up some good beliefs and some bad ones too.

One of the bad beliefs was around what I was capable of in life. I thought because I didn’t have specific work experience, I couldn’t do certain things.

These beliefs were deep down in my subconscious and were preventing me from taking significant action that could lead me to the life of my dreams.

Simply put, beliefs are the things you believe about the world, people, or yourself to be true. And every person on this planet has them.

Some examples of beliefs…

In June 2018, GE’s stock was kicked out of the Dow and replaced by Walgreens.

At first, this might not seem like a big deal, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find out why this was such a milestone. GE was the final remaining original company in the Dow, flagging its exit as an end of an era.

What happened? And why was exiting the Down a turning point?

For the 125 years up until that point, GE was a market pioneer that shaped many aspects of our life that we now take for granted. GE created the first LED…

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Being in the middle of a recession is a daunting place for your team. All around them, they’re hearing of budget cut-backs and companies letting go or furloughing their friends, and this has a real impact on the morale of your people.

Chances are that your finance team has already tasked you with finding places to reduce spend — whether that is looking at headcount adjustments, salary freezes, or benefit cutbacks. This can further add to the anxiety within your team.

That’s why adjusting your existing perk strategy to fit the needs of the time is so important. As a…

COVID-19 has every organization under a whole new type of stress. With a swift migration to remote work, organizations need to adapt to ensure their teams are set up for success, and this is in addition to the already-busy people ops team’s daily work.

On top of this “new normal” that we’re trying to navigate, the stark reality for us is that our team members lives’ have been completely upended. …

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Cofounder, Compt & personal coach @ Thrive. Founded @HubSpotAcademy. Passionate about learning & sharing ideas so together we can reach our fullest potential.

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